9 x 12 Custom Pet Portraits from Photo in Pastel


Custom pet portrait from photo in pastel



Custom pet portraits are a great way to celebrate the addition of a new family member or commemorate the lives of those who have passed over the rainbow bridge. If you’d like a portrait of your pet, please send a high-resolution photo to stefs13@gmail.com when you make your purchase. The price will vary depending on how many pets you want in the drawing and what size you need. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete a pet portrait depending on the size and complexity.

Once completed, your custom pet portrait is sprayed with a fixative to prevent smearing, and is enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve. It is then secured between two pieces of cardboard and ships to you in a mailing envelope, unmatted and unframed. Shipping is free to the continental United States only.

How do I know if the photo I’m sending is high resolution?

1. On your computer, right click the image file.

2. Select “properties”

3. Select “details” from the property menu and scroll down.

High resolution is 300 DPI. This is what is used in printing, and even though it takes up the most memory, it’s the highest quality. 72 DPI is used for posting on the web. It’s low quality and is great for fast uploads, but not very good if you’re looking for small details.

Additional information

Number of Pets

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

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