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Hi everyone! Welcome to my website! I create pen and ink custom house portraits and pencil drawings of pets and other animals, as well as the occasional pastel drawing, oil, acrylic or watercolor painting. This page is a combination of art I’ve created for customers, as well as original art and prints for sale.

Custom House Portraits

I use pen and ink and colored pencil to create custom house portraits. You can order your own custom house portrait by visiting my shop section and placing an order. Please send your high resolution photos to my website at Once I’ve received your payment and gotten your photos, I’ll work up a pencil sketch and send it to you for your approval. I’ll start the inking process once you’ve approved the sketch. It takes between one and three weeks to complete a house portrait depending on the complexity of the piece and my schedule.

Pet Portraits

I create pet portraits from photographs using pencil or colored pencil. I work from high resolution photos because they contain more detail, which makes a better drawing. Please keep in mind that I might not be able to complete your drawing if the photo is too low-quality to see the important details. It usually takes between one and three weeks to complete a pet portrait. All portraits are sent through USPS.

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