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9 x 12 Pencil Portrait on Toned Tan

granny wm png

We went to Cracker Barrel earlier this week. There was an old sepia portrait hanging nearby that looked like it had been at least partially done in pencil. I was intrigued, and before we even left I was digging through Ancestry looking for old photos to see if I could duplicate the effect. This is what I came up with. This lady is an ancestor of mine. She was in her eighties when she passed away in 1934, so I’m guessing that the original tintype photo was taken in the late 1800s. This piece was more of a challenge than I’d anticipated. The reference photo was only about an inch tall and the resolution was poor at best, and , so it was difficult to draw her features as accurately as I wanted. It was a good experiment, though, and I learned a lot.